Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crayneville School Closes for Year

Crayneville School Closes, from The Crittenden Press, March 2, 1905.

The Crayneville School closed Friday afternoon with a very interesting entertainment under the management of the teacher, Miss Rosa Schwab. The program was as follows:
  • Salute to the Flag - By the School
  • Recitation, The Rifleman - Carrie Crider
  • Take Keer of Yerself - Ellis Ordway
  • Grant and Lee - Dennis Carlton
  • Recitation, Ain't Goin' to Cry No More - Audie Ordway
  • Recitation, The Fire Kink - Lucy Bradford
  • Faith and Work - Ethel McCaslin
  • School Ma'ams Courtin' - Ida Ordway
  • The Little Brother - Hester Rushing
  • The Cheerful Farmer - Claud Tabor
  • Dialogue, Aunt Pious - Ruby Cook

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