Saturday, October 5, 2013

Landmark Ordway Home Burnt

On the early morning of Sat. Sept. 28, 2013, the old homeplace of W. H. and Julia Ordway was burned.  It had been a well-known landmark for many, many years. 

The old house was the home place of W. H. "Bill" and Julia Ordway.  It was thought to be at least a hundred years old.   Bill and Julia lived there until they died, Bill died April 10, 1925 and Julia died Dec. 23, 1935.

Their daughter, Ida, lived there until her death in Jan. 22, 1967.

The house had set empty all these years, but was a familiar sight to all that traveled Hwy. 641.  And considered a part of the history of the area.

 All that is left of the familiar homeplace just outside of Crayne.  

The cause of the fire hasn't been stated, but it is thought that it must have been deliberately set as there was no electricity and it was a clear night when it happened.

This picture was taken Oct. 4th, 2013.