Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crayne Post Office History

Crayne Post Office

The photo at right is the original Crayne Post Office. It is located today on display at the Crayne post office building.

In 1886 James Lee Cruce became the first postmaster of Crayne. The post office was located at his farm about half a mile south of Crayne. In 1890, Richard Dorroh was named Postmaster, followed by Hugh Glenn in 1900-1902, James F. Canada in 1904, and Newton Bishop in 1907.

James Franklin Dorroh, William Robert Dorroh and Eugene Dorroh each served as Postmaster of Crayne. At the time the Dorroh's served as Postmaster, the office was located in the Hugh Glenn Store. This store later became the Dorroh General Store and the post office remained in this building until 1953.

In 1953, Seth Ferguson became Postmaster. Mr. Ferguson moved the post office to his general store. He retired as Postmaster of Crayne in 1982. Mrs. Velma Ferguson and Mrs. Jackie Dorroh served as Assistant Postmaster during this time.

In 1982, George Tucker of Mayfield became Postmaster in charge until his retirement.

In Feb 1983, Rose Ann Bebout was appointed Postmaster and remains the Crayne Postmaster today. Some of the postmaster relief people under Rose Ann were Wanda Mott, Jackie Dorroh and Linda Highfil Padget. Today Kim Asbridge serves as Postmaster relief under Rose Ann Bebout.

In 1992 the post office was remodeled and a twenty-four hour lobby was post office boxes for rent became available to customers. The original post office window and box service area is now a lobby display for everyone to remember where we came from. The display will remain a part of the Crayne Post Office history.

Hopefully the Crayne Post Office will remain a vital part of the daily life of its community for many years to come. It is all that is left of a once lively and busy community.

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