Monday, August 26, 2013

Remembering the Crayne Days

Good memories of Crayne wouldn't be complete without the great memories that were made at the once popular Crayne Day, always held the first Saturday in June.  These pictures were made June 1991. 

Every parking spot available would be filled with cars.  Old Crayne residents that had moved away planned their vacation as to be in town for this much looked forward to event.   Friends and family gathered together to visit for awhile.  This picture was made in my parents yard, Evah Lee and Billie Travis, you can see the old school house in the background.  At this time both buildings were still standing.

 Cousins, Evah Lee (Brantley) Travis, Clinton Crowell, and Ester (Holeman) Rogers.
Their mothers, Ethel Brantley, Anna Crowell and Ester Holeman were all Duffy sisters.

Aunt Wilma (Deboe) Sutton and daughter, Bernice Jennings. 

All dear friends and family, and all gone now, but my cousin, Bernice Jennings, who lives at Fredonia, Ky. 

Such wonderful memories of our little town.