Friday, November 16, 2012

Familiar Faces

Familiar faces of the Crayne Community for many years were Seth and Velma Ferguson, owners of Ferguson General Store, located right in the heart of the community.  This picture was made in February 1980 as Seth was retiring from being the Postmaster.  Velma and Seth were keeping the store open but they wouldn't be operating the post office.

Seth said he had lived in groceries stores all his life.  His father operated a general store and he got his first sampling of the business in 1936 in Dycusburg.  He came to Crayne in the early 1940's and worked a while at the Dorroh Brothers' Store.  Then in 1942 he bought out George Long and went into business for himself.

The old country grocery stores, what wonderful memories they bring back as a child growing up in Crayne.  The 5-cent pop-cycles on a hot summer day, the ice cold drink we would get out of the old cooler with ice in it, and sit on the bench of the front porch of the store and enjoy our treats.  Everything you needed could be found at the Ferguson's store.  

It's getting about the time now they would be receiving all the special treats for Christmas time.  Chocolate covered peanuts, coconut Bon-Bons, orange slices and nigger toes, (sorry but this is all we ever knew them by for years),  fruits would include apples, oranges and once a year treat - tangerines.  All in open topped boxes or crates.  Can't you smell them now?  I sure can.