Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crayne Cemetery Cleanup

The 3rd Saturday in March, weather permitting, is the annual Crayne Cemetery Cleanup.  Today we had a pretty day.  The sun was shinning and for once the wind wasn't quite as strong as it usually is. 

Thank heavens there usually isn't too much to do, for there is never over 3 of us there to do all the picking up of trash and wind-blown flowers and worn and faded wreaths.

Here Frances Paris Teer, is trying to make a decision on whether this flower arrangement has seen better days and perhaps needs to be put to rest.

 C. W. Stevens another board member is picking up some wind blown flowers.  C. W. is our cemetery care keeper, as he takes care of the mowing and weed eating and also with the selling and placement of the grave plots.

We are all getting older and worry about what will happen to the cemetery once we are gone.