Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crayne Folks

How I wonder what this group of young Crayne mothers were doing on this spring day many years ago.  The picture was made about 1941.

Left to right: Thelma and Donnie Cruce, Juantia Cruce, Evah Lee Travis and little son, Billie Ewell and Mae Binkley and little daughter Doris Ann.   Evah Lee, of course was my Mom, and Billie my brother. He was born in April 1940, 
The little girl is Barbara Cruce, and the other lady is Mildred Highfil and standing with her is Thelma's oldest son, Richard Cruce.

The picture was made in the yard of Thelma and Gene Cruce, which was located across the highway from the Calvery Baptist Church.

Here is another picture made the same day with the all the children in the picture.

Thelma and Donnie, Barbara, Richard, and the little ones in front are Doris Ann Binkley and Billie Ewell Travis.