Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow of January 1977

What a monster of a snow man.  I've always wondered how they built it so tall.

The creator's of this one of a kind snowman are left to right:
Kayle Malcom, son of Paul and Peggy Malcom. (Peggy now deceased)
Jeff McKinney, son of Gerl McKinney and Sheryl (Ferguson) McKinney.
Mike Stone, (now deceased)
Jennifer Matz,(now deceased) daughter of Gary and Sheryl Matz. 
Bridgett Cannon, daughter of J. E. and Betty Cannon. (J. E. now deceased)

Paul Malcom, Kayle's dad is the only one of the families that still live in Crayne. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crayne Post Office for December

Rose Ann Bebout, the Crayne Postmistress, adds a little holiday spirit to our Post Office Sign.  It's nice to see as you are driving by. 

The Post office is about the only original thing left in the community now, and it has been updated through the years.

  Although there are three churches here now, they are not the same as they were years ago.  Only one is even the same building, but it has changed so in appearance that it doesn't looks the same.  Where it used to be a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation, it is now a Baptist denomination, and the people that attend are from other parts of the county.

Inside the Post Office lobby a cheerful Christmas Tree welcomes you and behind the tree are the original post office boxes that used to be in the store many years ago.  A comforting sight for us old Crayne citizens to see.  All that is left of a once busy grocery store/post office combination.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas at Crayne Community Church

Just to share a couple of pictures made at the church.
December 9, 2012

We have a Chrismon tree each year.  All the ornaments are Chrismons ornaments hand-made on white background, with gold accents.  Each one has its own special Christian description. 

The Poinsettias are In Memory of deceased loved ones of the church.

The large red Poinsettia on the left with red wrapping is for Maurie Houston Kirk, brought today by his family.

The smaller one on left with green wrapping is in Memory of Loma Stone.

The peppermint Poinsettia on the right is in Memory of James Robert Dorroh.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good-bye To An Old Friend

David Cannon, Another old-childhood friend has passed away.

 Growing up in Crayne, the Cannons were our next door neighbors.   We saw each other everyday and would holler across the empty lot to see what the other was doing.  From our kitchen widows at night we could see each other in front of the sink, washing dishes or doing something at the kitchen sink, we could even wave at each other from the windows. 

We played the usual childhood games then, Cowboys and Indians, Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, croquet, and many other wonderful games that went with growing up in the late 40's and 50's. 

After David married they moved to Evansville, where he had a job at Whirlpool and  we lost contact for many, many years.  But I'll always remember the days of growing up at Crayne and David being a good friend.

His obituary reads:  David A. Cannon, 70, passed away Dec. 1, 2012 at Deaconess Gateway in Evansville.  He was born July 20, 2942 in Crittenden County to Lexie and Eula Cannon and graduated from Crittenden County High School.   David retired after 25 years at Whirlpool where he was a supervisor.  He enjoyed woodworking and spending time with his son.  He loved fishing with his son and brother Harley.
He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Peggy Joyce, son, Mark,; brothers, Clifton, and J. E. Cannon and his sister, Dorothy Harmon.

David is survived by his son, Rick Cannon, grandsons, ; brothers, Harley Cannon and Harold Cannon.  His funeral service will be at Titzer Family Funeral Homes, and burial will follow at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Familiar Faces

Familiar faces of the Crayne Community for many years were Seth and Velma Ferguson, owners of Ferguson General Store, located right in the heart of the community.  This picture was made in February 1980 as Seth was retiring from being the Postmaster.  Velma and Seth were keeping the store open but they wouldn't be operating the post office.

Seth said he had lived in groceries stores all his life.  His father operated a general store and he got his first sampling of the business in 1936 in Dycusburg.  He came to Crayne in the early 1940's and worked a while at the Dorroh Brothers' Store.  Then in 1942 he bought out George Long and went into business for himself.

The old country grocery stores, what wonderful memories they bring back as a child growing up in Crayne.  The 5-cent pop-cycles on a hot summer day, the ice cold drink we would get out of the old cooler with ice in it, and sit on the bench of the front porch of the store and enjoy our treats.  Everything you needed could be found at the Ferguson's store.  

It's getting about the time now they would be receiving all the special treats for Christmas time.  Chocolate covered peanuts, coconut Bon-Bons, orange slices and nigger toes, (sorry but this is all we ever knew them by for years),  fruits would include apples, oranges and once a year treat - tangerines.  All in open topped boxes or crates.  Can't you smell them now?  I sure can.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Church Group

Group of fine folks after service one Sunday morning at the Crayne Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Picture was made abt. 1955.  My Mom, Evah Lee Travis is on the left.  She was Secretary/Treasurer for the church at this time and is holding her books.

  The rest in the picture are standing next to Mom's left - Ernest Brown, Bill Elkins, Velma Ferguson, Ben Binkley, Vernon Sutton, and Cortis Hill.

Great memories of growing up here and attending church regularly at your home town church.   Times were so much more simpler and easy going than they are now. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Youth Group at USA Presbyterian Church 1956

A group of nice looking young folks at a gathering at the Crayne USA Presbyterian Church in 1956.

Left to right: Jimmy Keeling, Kenneth Kirk, Tommy Jones, Linda Kirk and Ann Agee.

Oh, for those good ole days and good simple times of yesteryear, when a gathering at your home church was a looked forward to event.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Memory Of

Two old Crayne people died this past week.  They were both born and lived their childhood in Crayne.  Both families moved away in later life for jobs.

Nell Boyd Perryman,84, died July 17th, 2012.  She has been in bad health for a long time.

She was the daughter of William and Narlene"Babe" Boyd.  The family lived in a little white frame house on the corner of Hwy. 641 and the little road today named Stalion Dr.  The house was torn down many years ago.  Her Mom and Dad lived in Crayne all their lives.

She was married to Oliver Preston "Pick" Perryman, who also lived in Crayne.

They were regular members of the Crayne Presbyterian Church until Nell was too ill to attend.

Maurie Houston Kirk, 90, died suddenly Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at his home.  He had just got home from the visitation of Nell Perryman.

Houston was the son of Allie and Vera Kirk, of Crayne.  He was a combat veteran of World War II, who received both the Purple heart and the Silver Star.

He and his wife, Virginia, were regular members of the Crayne Presbyterian Church, he will be missed so much.

 It was always a joy to see and talk to Houston.  He was such a nice person, and always had something good to say.   I always considered him a hero, for the service he gave to his country.  A farewell salute to Houston.  I will miss you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crayne School 1957-58

1. Mildred Paris, Teacher, 2. Tracy Woodall, 3. Kathy Lynch, 4. Eddie Maroney, 5. Yetta Sue Hicks, 6. Jarvis Morrow, 7. Hazel Driver, 8. Maurice Woodall, 9. Jane Alvis, 10. Cathrine Rorer, 11. Jerry Holloman, 12. William Tabor, 13. _____, 14. Jerry Collins, 15. Kerry Wayne Crider, 16. Lawrence Richardson, 17. Shelby Belt, 18. Jim Binkley, 19. Wilson Rushing, 20. David Tinsley

Crayne School Upper Grades, 1952-53

Front row, left to right:  Charlotte Coleman, Gladys Parmley, Joyce Winters, Phyllis Perryman, Nell Nipper, Linda Tabor, Donna Perryman.
2nd row: Teacher Mrs. Evelyn Bragdon, Harold Collins, Luise Mills, Nancy Chandler, Patricia Winters, Frances Paris, Barb ara Chandler, Tommy Jones, William Rushing (standing behind Tommy and Paul), Paul Rushing
3rd row: Louis Bell, Billie Travis, Charles Rushing, Ralph Driver, Perry Brookshire, Keith Shewcraft, Kenny Kirk, C. W. Stevens, Wallace Crider

Crayne School 1952-53 - Lower Grades

Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Paris, teacher.  Front row starting on left with hands in pockets.  Douglas "Toby" Binkley, Frances Rorer, Clinton Bigham, Johnnie Woodall, Paulett Rushing, Donnie Walker, Jesse Tyner
2nd row: Faye Beard, Darlene Cox, Larry Clement, Jackie Winters, Deloris Rushing, Sandra Hill, Melba Butler, Fern Driver, Douglas Fox.
3rd row: Sheryl Ferguson, Dottie Parmley, Carol Nipper, Shirley Nunn, Ginger Faulks, Ronnie Ordway, Linda Jo Baird, Harold Cannon, John Parr Cochran.
4th row: Brenda Travis (with headscarf on), Earl "Butch" Jackson, Viva Drive, Mary Lou Chandler, Douglas Woodall, Carlton Shewcraft.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crayne School 1957-58

Crayne School Grades 7-8, Year 1957-58

             Our lives were just beginning, but we thought we knew it all.  So long ago.
Top row;  Mrs. Annabelle Alexander, our teacher, Joey Tabor, (7th), Janie Driver (8th), Jesse Tyner (7th), Linda Jo Baird (7th), Carol Collins (8th), Darlene Cox (8th), Larry Bragdon (8th).
Next row: Sheryl Ferguson (7th), Ronnie Ordway (8th), Paulette Rushing (7th), Larry Binkley (8th), Frances Rorer (7th), Earl "Butch" Jackson (8th).
Next: Larry Clement (7th), Ellen Sutton (7th), Clinton Bigham (7th), Brenda Travis (7th), Donnie Walker (7th), Dottie Parmley (7th),  Charles Lynch, Bobby Rorer (7th).
Last row: Doug Fox (7th), Johnnie Woodall (7th), Doug "Toby" Binkley (8th), Harold Cannon (7th)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crayne School Boys

This wonderful old picture was shared with me by the Richard Cruce family.  It was made in the mid 1940's in the Crayne School yard.  Just by a lucky chance an old train was going by when the picture was made. 
Names of people in photo:  Back row: Hayden Harpending, teacher, Bruce Ordway, Norman "Popeye" Winters, and Jim "Ped" Norman.
Front row: Edwin White, Richard Cruce, and Jimmy Keeling.

I remember so well the sound the trains made on the tracks, and the whistle as it blew as it came through Crayne, always whistled at a road crossing.  Always loved the trains.  We used to put pennies and nails on the rails so they would flatten them out.  I wonder now what happened to all the ones that we had done and used to have.   The red caboose at the end, there would always be the conductor standing on the deck, ready to wave at us kids.  What great memories to have and remember of my childhood days. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knobs Lastest Picture

                                A picture is worth a thousand words.  Sunday February 19, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crayne Knobs Rest In Peace

These two photos were made on Friday, Jan. 6th, 2012.  The final days before the blasting begins on Wed. Jan. 11th.

Some are just taking the destruction as a new form of entertainment while the folks that love them are greatly saddened to this happening.

The landscape for miles around will never be the same after this Wednesday.  Viewing them today from the Fredonia Valley was a sight that will not be seen again.  The story is that there is no money for the actual paving of the roadway as of now and it will only be a muddy torn up passageway for years to come.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Following the Destruction of the Knobs

This picture was made the week of Dec. 19, 2011.  The destruction continues.