Friday, April 17, 2009

The second Crayne School

The second Crayne School building was built in 1925. It was erected on KY Highway 91 next to the present day Unity General Baptist Church.

It was frame and consisted of two rooms, one larger than the other, and they were called the "big" room, for the upper grades, 6th-8th, and the "little" room for the lower grades.

This school became so crowded that a building down the highway owned by James Dorroh was used for a short time. The 6th-8th grades attended there.

A short time later a small concrete block building was built next to the two room school building for these pupils. (This small concrete building was where I went my first three years of school. The rest of my grade school years were spent in the frame building picture above.)

Crayne school was closed in 1960 and pupils were transported to Marion or Frances. Mrs. Annabelle Alexander was the teacher in the upper grades when the school closed.

Both of these school houses are gone now, due to the tornado damage on January 3, 2000.

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