Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Early Crayneville

Crayneville, KY 1891-1892

The ad at the right and the following community items are some of the earliest items I have found on Crayneville. The ad was published in the Sept. 24, 1891 Crittenden Press, and the following community items were May 19, 1892.
Crayneville Community Items.
  • P.H. Woods and Deboe & Dorroh are our merchants. We have only one church and school house combined.
  • We have ten dwelling houses, all occupied.
  • Deboe & Dorroh will pay 11 cents per dozen for eggs this week.
  • Judge Rushing has departed for parts unknown.
  • Deboe & Dorroh are selling Fredonia straight grade flour at 65 cents per sack.
  • Jesse McCaslin had a log rolling Saturday.
  • Rev. J. F. Price preached to a large crowd here Sunday evening. We have a good Sunday School here; it meets every Sunday at 3 o'clock.
  • Miss Ada Deboe is visiting Miss Linnie Crayne this week.
  • Miss Ida Adams gave her friend's a birthday party Saturday night.

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