Sunday, May 2, 2010

Myers Grocery

One of the grocery stores that Crayne used to have was the Myers Grocery.  It was owned and operated by Allie and Mary Emma (Dorroh) Myers.  The block building was built in 1960, on the location of the former Dorroh's Store.  The inventory consisted of groceries and some hardware.

This is a picture of the store in 1961.  In the picture are left to right: Henry Ordway, Allie Kirk and Mr. Allie Myers, owner of the store.

Later they sold the inventory to a Mr. and Mrs. Locket Nunn of Sturgis.  in 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Nunn moved the store inventory to old Kuttawa.

At right is a 1961 ad for their store from the Crittenden Press.  Look at those prices. 

The building was later used as an antique store for several different people.  It was opened as the Crayne Grocery some years back, but it didn't last long and now is empty again except for storage by the owners.  The people that owned the building  and tried to run a grocery store said the food trucks said they didn't buy enough to pay them to stop, so they had to close.

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