Sunday, May 23, 2010

James Woodall Homeplace

Although not right in the heart of Crayne, James and Melva Woodall and son Tracy were always a part of the Crayne Community, as were the other families that lived on the Crayne Cemetery Road .  

The children of the families that lived on the Crayne Cemetery road always attend the Crayne School, and some attended the Crayne Churches.  Their lives were always a part of the community and in the years past most everyone was kin to each other one way or the other.  So we were all like family.

The picture above is of James and Melba first home.  They lived here all the years that I was growing up.  The home always a familiar sight as you drove by.  The house has sat empty now for several years.  James and Melba are both deceased and buried in the Crayne Cemetery.  Son Tracy has sold the home place and farm, and today as I drove by on my way the the cemetery, I saw that the old home has been taken down.  It's just a bare spot were the house used to sit.   Things change, time goes on, but it's rather lonely now without the familiar old house on the hill.

(Picture made in May of 2009)

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