Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

The Ultimate Sacrifice
Resting in the Crayne Cemetery are the remains of Ellis B. Ordway, World War I Veteran, and the first Crittenden County young man to give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  He was a Crayne citizen and the son of William and Julia Ordway. 

He was in Co. A 16th Infantry.  His comrades spoke of him as a brave soldier.  He was sent to the front to Aragonne Forest, where he was wounded twice by a machine gun in the right let on the 17th day of July 1918 and he died July 26th, 1918 from his wounds. at the young age of 23.

Although he died in 1918, his remains weren't returned home to Crayne until April 1921.  His service was conducted in the presence of a large crowd of sympathetic friends at the Crayne Presbyterian Church.  The remains were wrapped in the American Flag, for which he fought and died.
He has a family tombstone.

Other veterans that have military markers are:  Raymond Fletcher, WWI; Burnie Rogers, WWI; Clarence Holloman, WWI; Roy Boisture, WWI; Denton Crider, WWI; Norvel Tabor, WWI; Jonas Rushing,WWI; Sgt. Frank Evans, Spanish American War, Phillipines, and WWI.
Henry Ewell Baird, WWII; Harlan Rushing, WWII; James Moss;, WWII; George Hubert Deboe, WWII, Edward Benedict, WWII.

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