Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crayne Cemetery Fish Fry June 4th 2010

The Crayne Annual Fish Fry was held June 4th, 2010.  We had a very successful afternoon and appreciate everyone that came and supported this annual event.  The proceeds all go towards the upkeep of our Crayne Cemetery.  It's always a pleasure to see old familiar Crayne citizens at this event.  Although many have passed away since the Fish Fry first started in June of 1999.

Some of the familiar faces to this years fish fry, and who do not live here now, but still call Crayne home are:  Helen Cruce and sister Mary Jean Cruce Fear, daughters of George and Christine Cruce. 

The gentleman on the left is Bob Fear, Mary Jean's husband, and Mary Jean is the one on the far right.
Helen is sitting at the end of the table.  I'm not sure who the young lady is beside Mary Jean.

Familiar local and old friends in this picture are:
Left: Harold Cannon and wife Carolyn Gilland Cannon and Carloyn's sister, Elaine Gilland Shinall.

Harold and Carolyn are childhood friends for the old Crayne days.  They are always ready with a big smile for everyone.

Some of the volunteer workers, that if not for them, we couldn't have the fish fry.  Here are some of the as they are getting the food prepared.

From left: Jim Estes, Emmett and Bernice (Sutton) Jennings and Bonnie Gass.

Emmett, Bernice and helper Bonnie Gass, are preparing their delicious hush puppies.  Emmett and Bernice have been regulars at this event since it first started.

This is new board member, Billy Joe Rushing, and the regular fish fryer of the event.

Everyone says it's the best fish ever and there is always plenty to eat.

We hope to continue the annual event in 2011 and hope to see everyone there.

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