Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cortis Hill Farm

In 1958 The Crittenden Press ran a series of pictures of local farms. The readers were suppose to see if they could identify the farms. This picture appeared in August 1958.

Mystery Farm 14 was identified as the Mrs. Eugene Dorroh and Mr. and Mrs. Cortis Hill farm, which is operated by the Hill's. It was located on the Crayne View Road several miles from Crayne.

The history of the farms was Mr. Dorroh purchased the farm from Mr. Jeff I. Clement in 1947 and began to use soil conservation practices on t he farm. There was 840 acres in the farm as Mr. Dorroh had two farms which joined the Clement farm.

Cortis said that he began farming with Mr. Dorroh, his father-in-law in 1951 and continued to operate the farm. Corn, wheat, barley and soy beans were the main crops. Livestock consisted of beef cattle, mostly Angus and hogs.

Cortis married his wife, Dorothy Dorroh, in 1946. They had two children, at the time, Gary, 10 and Richard 5. The family belongs to Crayne Cumberland Presbyterian Church and are active in its affairs.

This history was from the 1958 Press article. The farm now is owned by Bonnie Turner and farmed by Van Hunt. I don't believe the nice home is still there today.

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