Monday, November 30, 2009

Church Steeple

The Crayne Presbyterian Church Steeple was placed in memory of Jackie Dorroh. On Wednesday August 31, 1994, a steeple was erected on top of the church. The steeple was placed there in memory of Jackie Elizabeth Dorroh, who died in an automobile accident June 16, 1993. Her husband James Robert Dorroh and family undertook the project.

James Robert said his family was given permission to place the steeple on the church because his wife had said before her death that she would like to see a steeple on the building.

This picture was made last week, Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 2009. The hale storm we had in August had badly dented the steeple. It had to be taken down and repaired at the place where it was purchased. So Tuesday it was put back in it's place of honor on the church.

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