Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Snows

As a child growing up in Crayne, me and my friends always wished and prayed for a big snow during the wintertime.  When you are kid snow is wonderful, it's just something new and wonderful to play in.  I know now what a hardship it was for our parents.

The picture at the right is the winter of 1958.  I have written in my picture album, "The Biggest Snow is Seven Years."  I was thrilled.  So was our best friend and dog, "Bullet."  He loved the snow as much as us kids did.  He would run through it throwing it up in the air and catching it in his mouth.

You can see the old Crayne school house in the back ground.  We were still going to school there when this picture was made.

This picture was made in the winter of 1959-60.  That is my Dad, Billie M. Travis, standing on the porch of our home at Crayne.   Two big snows this close together was really something.

This was a big wet snow.  It had to be rather bad to travel on because it kept my Dad from going to work at Mexico.  I hardly ever remember him not being able to get to work.

These are wonderful memories for me, playing in the snow, making snow angels, snow forts, snow men, tracking wild animals in the fields, and mom's wonderful snow cream she always made for us. What a way to end a glorious day playing in the snow.

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