Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hail Storm of August 11, 2009

Catching up on the Happenings in My Home Town.

Crayne was once again hit with a storm on August 11, 2009. This time it was a terrible wind and hail store. Many homes were damaged as much or more than by the January 3, 2000 tornado that devastated our little community.

The picture at the right is what was left of one of the windows in my family home. This is a storm window and the inside window, both busted by the large golf size pieces of hail. The shutters were also busted out, shown on the right of the window. The pieces that you see plastered on the upper part of the picture are leaves that was shred from the trees. Siding had holes in it the size of baseballs.

The last of the damaged homes are being repaired this month. New roofs and siding are being completed and people are about back to normal.

The Crayne knobs, which are usually a colorful site in the fall, were so damaged by the wind and hail that they have looked brown and shredded for the rest of the summer. There wasn't one colorful tree to be seen on them this fall.

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