Monday, July 22, 2013

Some School Memories

The eighth grade graduation of years ago were a special time.  Mrs. Annabell Alexander made our very special.  The graduation would take time about being in the two church in Crayne, one year the Cumberland Presbyterian and the next year at the Presbyterian USA.

In May of 1958 it was the Presbyterian USA Church's turn to have it.  There would be several practices marching in and learning where to stand and what to say if you had a part.  Music would be played on the church's piano, the traditional graduation march. The church would be decorated with local grown spring flowers that someone would donate and maybe some crepe paper ribbons.  It was always very festive and exciting.  Parents and friends would all come to the ceremony.   As I think back now I appreciate so much the time and efforts our teacher and our dear parents gave to make this a special time in our lives.  

Although I am not in this graduating class, I was a part of it, as I played the piano for them to march in to, and we were all friends as we were all together in the "big room" at Crayne.

The big night for these 8th grade student in May of 1958.  Left to right front:  Janie Driver, Doug Binkley, teacher Annabell Alexander, Ronnie Ordway, Larry Binkley.  The two in back: Carol Collins and Larry Bragdon.

The Public School Diploma that was given to each 8th grade graduate.

It was your admission to the High School.  Your future.

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