Sunday, June 30, 2013

Days Of The Crayne Grocery Stores

Remembering the good old days of our hometown of Crayne.  The days when all you needed was in walking distance of your home.   Here are a few of the old grocery stores. 

Dorroh Bros. store was located near the railroad track on the northern end of our community. 

James Franklin Dorroh came to Crayne and went to work for a Mr. Glenn.  He soon purchased the building and stock of good, and he spent his life in this business.

Later his sons and daughter operated the business from around 1892 to the late 1940's.

Pictured left to right:  Eugene and Robert Dorroh.

This is the Brown's General Store, Walter and Lois Brown.

 Dully Baird is resting on the bench. 

Those wonderful old wooden store benches, what memories they bring back. 

This building burned in 1959.

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