Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crayne 4-H Friends

Crayne 8th grade 4-H's in 1959. The Crayne 4-H Cooking Class had gathered at Merle Cannon's house for a cooking class in February 1959.

Left to right: Peggy Binkley, Sheryl Ferguson, Dottie Parmley, Paulette Rushing holding the flour sifter, Merle Cannon our leader in the background, Nancy Ellen Sutton with the measuring cup, and Linda Jo Baird looking up receipts. I was behind the camera at this meeting.
Crayne School had a very active 4-H Club thanks to our caring teacher, Mrs. Annabelle Alexander. She kept us girls busy with all the projects and activities that went with being 4-H members. She also was active with the boys in our class, teaching them basic of cooking a delicious stew and many other useful things that wasn't taught in the average school day.

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