Saturday, February 1, 2014

Early Crayneville Depot

The old Crayneville Depot and loading lot.  This picure was made in the early 1900's.
Spar gravel is seen in piles on the right.  Other items shipped from the depot was timbers, and tobacco.  
This first depot was burned by the Night Riders in 1908.

Another one was built back later,  But as far as I know know pictures have even been found of it.  About all the people that remember this later Depot are gone now.  My mother, Evah Lee Brantley,  remembered catching the train here with her Mother, Ethel Brantley, and they would ride the train to the Repton Depot, get off there and walk to the Cave Spring community to visit family and friends.  Come evening time they would walk or ride a cousin's mule back to the Repton Depot, caught a returning train and ride it back to Crayne.

In 1942 this second depot was razed by the Illinois Central System and they would rebuild back only a waiting room and small shed for freight.

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My Grandfather told me stories about the night Riders