Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crayne Post Office for December

Rose Ann Bebout, the Crayne Postmistress, adds a little holiday spirit to our Post Office Sign.  It's nice to see as you are driving by. 

The Post office is about the only original thing left in the community now, and it has been updated through the years.

  Although there are three churches here now, they are not the same as they were years ago.  Only one is even the same building, but it has changed so in appearance that it doesn't looks the same.  Where it used to be a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation, it is now a Baptist denomination, and the people that attend are from other parts of the county.

Inside the Post Office lobby a cheerful Christmas Tree welcomes you and behind the tree are the original post office boxes that used to be in the store many years ago.  A comforting sight for us old Crayne citizens to see.  All that is left of a once busy grocery store/post office combination.

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