Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crayne Moms

This wonderful old picture of these wonderful Crayne Moms was made about June 1940.
 I wish I knew what they had been doing on this day to all be together. 
Pictured sitting down on left is my Mom, Evah Lee Brantley Travis, with my brother Billie Ewell on her lap, he looks to be about 3 months old; next is Thelma Brown Cruce and second son, Donald "Donnie", next is Mildred Highfil, we think she may be holding Doris Binkley;
Standing up in back left is Juanita Brown Cruce with Richard Cruce (who is Thelma's 1st son) and on the right is Velda Ordway with Barbara Cruce, who is Juanita's daughter.

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