Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friend share memories

My childhood friend, Nancy Ellen Sutton Lynch, is a follower of my Crayne Blog.  She grew up on the Lilly Dale School Road.   She has a memory that is unbelievable about the people, places and things that took place while she was a child.  She shared some of these memories after she read the last two postings about the old homes.

From Nancy:
  "When I saw Mr. Allie and Mrs. Vera's house, I could hear her voice in the choir at church.  She sure was a singer and enjoyed it so much.  I think that she played the piano, too.  Mrs. Wilma Keeling was the regular one, but I'm sure Mrs. Vera was the back up player.

Miss Ida Ordway's home didn't look much different in the picture and when she lived in it.  One Halloween, some of the boys thought how funny it would be to scare Miss Ida.  Well, they were the ones that got the surprise.  She fired a rifle right over their heads.  When they took off running, they ended up running into a barbed wire fence.  So I'd say that Miss Ida got the last laugh."

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