Friday, January 15, 2010

Remembering James Robert Dorroh

James Robert Dorroh passed away today, Jan. 15th.  He will be missed by all his friends and loved ones.  His presence will be missed in many areas of the community.  His spot in the Crayne Presbyterian Church will be empty and cannot be filled.  His shy smile and dry sense of humor will be missed by all that knew him.

James Robert loved his hometown of  Crayne, and thanks to him there is a  lot of history recorded about the early days of this little community.  He knew so much history about the people and the stores that used to be in the community.  We are lucky that he wrote several articles about his memories,  we are fortunate to have these. 

He would have been 84 on Feb. 11th of 2010.  The picture at the right is at the Crayne School Reunion this past August 2009.  He was sharing some of his school memories with the people that were there.  His memory was very sharp and clear.

All summer long I had meant to stop and visit with him, as I had some questions I wanted to talk to him about.  As happens so many times, I waited too long and now it's too late.  He is gone and the questions will remain unanswered.  I'll miss you James Robert and the community of Crayne will sadly miss you.  You were the heart behind Crayne Day.

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Patty Grimes said...

Thank you very much for the kind words about my Dad. That is also a good picture of him. His passion was researching the history of Crayne and Crittenden Co. He truly loved his community.

Patty Grimes
(His eldest daughter)