Friday, March 27, 2009

How Crayneville, KY Got Its Name

Crayne, Kentucky is located five miles south of Marion. In the early days when it was a new community just getting settled, it was named Crayneville.

In 1886 the railroad was making it's way through the county. As it came to this little village, a right-of-way was needed for the crews to lay the track. Mrs. Emma Crayne, who's family lived here and owned the land the railroad needed, gave her consent for the right-or-way, and the village was given the name of Crayneville in her honor. It was pronounced Crayne'e'ville.

In October 1907, the name of the thriving little town of Crayneville, had to be changed. There was another town in Kentucky that was named Caneville. It was also on the Illinois Central railroad route. It seems the names were too similiar in name and spelling and the mail and freight for both towns, would end up in the wrong town. So Crayneville lost the 'ville' and was renamed as Crayne.

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